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Online courses

Courses offering alternative forms of earning credit

You may be able to earn your degree faster by supplementing your Strayer University courses with online courses from Sophia or StraighterLine. Some courses offered by these online educators have been judged by Strayer to satisfy the requirements of equivalent Strayer courses, allowing you to earn credits for those classes. See which Strayer classes will award credits toward your degree here. This offers you the opportunity to earn your credits faster, and to save on tuition as well. You must pass Sophia and StraighterLine classes with a score of 70% or greater to earn equivalent Strayer credits. All online learning firms have followed Strayer’s lead by offering strong personal support for their courses created to be taken online at any time. We strongly urge you to contact your Strayer personal Student Services Coach if considering this option.


As a Strayer student, your tuition includes online courses from our affiliate, Sophia Learning. These let you take self-paced courses with no textbook for college credit at Strayer. With over 30 general education courses to choose from, you can learn anytime, anywhere — on your phone, your tablet or your computer. Courses are available in subjects including business, communications, the humanities, technology, and the natural and social sciences.

Additional benefits

  • General education courses with no hidden fees
  • Savings in time and cost of your bachelor's degree
  • Personalized start dates
  • Learning coach support


StraighterLine, while also online, self-paced, and with adviser support available, is built on a slightly different payment model. StraighterLine courses start at $59 with a $99 monthly membership fee.

The fee includes eTextbook for with your course purchase and up to 10 hours of tutoring in any subject; some students can complete a course in as little as a week.

Find out more information on StraighterLine courses here. StraighterLine is offering students two free lessons from their most popular online college courses before you sign up for a membership. Please note that although ACE transcripts from StraighterLine are recorded only as Pass/Fail, even though you must earn a 70% for Strayer credit, talk to your personal Student Services Coach.

Earn alternative credit

The list below shows which courses Strayer University will award credits toward your degree upon completion of equivalent Sophia and Straighterline online courses with a score of 70% or better.
Course ID Course Name SOPHIA StraighterLine
ACC100 Accounting I checkmark icon checkmark icon
ACC206 Accounting II checkmark icon
ACC303 Intermediate Accounting I checkmark icon
ACC350 Cost Accounting checkmark icon
BUS100 Introduction to Business checkmark icon checkmark icon
BUS302 Management Concepts checkmark icon
BUS309 Business Ethics checkmark icon
BUS322 Organizational Behavior checkmark icon
BUS375 Project Management checkmark icon
CIS106 Introduction to Information Technology checkmark icon
CIS109 Introduction to Management Information Systems checkmark icon
CIS242 C++ Programming checkmark icon
COM100 Communication at Work checkmark icon
COM101 Effective Communication Skills checkmark icon
COM201 Oral Communications & Persuasion checkmark icon
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice checkmark icon
ECO101 Microeconomics checkmark icon
ECO102 Macroeconomics checkmark icon
ECO110 Taking Charge of Your Economic Future checkmark icon
ENG090 Writing Fundamentals checkmark icon
ENG115 English Composition checkmark icon checkmark icon
ENG215 Research and Writing checkmark icon checkmark icon
ENG315 Professional Communications checkmark icon
FIN100 Principles of Finance checkmark icon
FIN215 Personal Financial Planning checkmark icon
FOS100 Foundations of Success checkmark icon
HIS104 Amercian History Prior to 1865 checkmark icon checkmark icon
HIS105 American History After 1865 checkmark icon checkmark icon
HUM111 World Cultures I checkmark icon checkmark icon
HUM112 World Cultures II checkmark icon checkmark icon
LEG100 Business Law I checkmark icon checkmark icon
MAT104 Algebra with Applications checkmark icon checkmark icon
MAT200 Pre-Calculus checkmark icon
MAT300 Statistics checkmark icon checkmark icon
PHI220 Ethics checkmark icon
POL110 U.S. Government checkmark icon
PSY105 Introduction to Psychology checkmark icon checkmark icon
REL212 World Religions checkmark icon checkmark icon
SCI110 Introduction to Physical Science checkmark icon
SCI115 Introduction to Biology checkmark icon checkmark icon
SCI200 Environmental Science checkmark icon checkmark icon
SOC100 Introduction to Sociology checkmark icon checkmark icon
SOC300 Sociology of Developing Countries checkmark icon